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At Reflection AI, our vision is to enrich the artificial intelligence ecosystem with new approaches to talent development. Our innovative methods provide our clients across the UK, Europe and North America with new pipelines of well aligned, global talent whilst utilizing our partnerships with AI leaders, research institutes and government organisations to reinvest knowledge, time and support back into the next generation of AI technologists.

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12 Jun 2019

Mapping Canada’s unique and pioneering AI ecosystem

What is it about Canada that has placed it firmly at the forefront of the global AI revolution? We explore the evolution of Canada AI from its fearless origins to its development into a rich, collaborative network of research and entrepreneurship.

20 Mar 2019

Why Canada AI? The Montreal Mile

In our Why Canada AI? series we shine a spotlight on Montreal; a flourishing, international hub of AI research, education and entrepreneurship and ideal destination for talent and businesses working across artificial intelligence.


What they say

Reflection AI provided  me with all the tools I needed to successfully land my first data science job at one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.

From an initial assessment of my employment conditions, career goals and learning aspirations to coaching me on how to best prepare for the interview process, helping me to navigate the uncertainties of a job transition and following up with me after getting hired, Reflection has become a faithful ally and trusted partner in this exciting season. Kudos to Freya and Tom for their head-and-shoulders support all along. Reflection has the right people and processes in place to help bridge the employment gap in data science and AI!

Rafael Falcon
Data Scientist l Placed at Shopify