We’ve been asking our networks and partners what they need most from us as a talent provider: What information and support do they need? What are their biggest challenges in finding the right company or hiring fit in the AI market? What else can we do to help? We’ve created some resources in response to our most common requests and will be creating both original content and sharing insights from across the AI community.

If you have a question you think we could answer or an idea for a resource that could support AI talent development, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Reflection AI: why, what and how do we approach AI talent?

Read all about Reflection AI’s innovative, global search strategies, in-depth market analysis and feedback and unique insights that place us at the forefront of AI talent development in Canada.

Optimising the hiring process for in-demand technical skillsets: An analysis tool

Hiring for highly skilled, in-demand technical positions can waste time and money if you are not utilizing the best channels. At Reflection AI, we want to help companies understand their hiring options and make use of the resources available to them, in order to hire the best talent quickly and efficiently.

International data scientists: Salary comparison and accelerating uptake

We have provided a global salary comparison and information on how to fast track international talent, to support Canadian businesses with accessing and attracting international data scientists.