At Reflection AI, our vision is to enrich the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem with new approaches to talent development.

We have offices in Canada and the UK, but our innovative methods provide our clients across the UK, Europe and North America with new pipelines of well aligned, global talent covering areas such as data engineering, data science, machine, deep and reinforcement learning.

As well as introducing top-tier candidates, we also utilize our connections with AI innovators, research institutes, business leaders and government organisations to reinvest knowledge, time and support back into the next generation of AI technologists.

Our client base includes AI startups, technology firms, international consumer electronics companies, healthtech companies, global investment banks and research labs across various industries.

What makes us different

The AI boom has disrupted the hiring market place and increased the need for highly skilled, technical expertise. The growing need for AI talent has led to a skills crisis where there is no longer enough people with the required skillsets to fill these positions and hiring these individuals has become hugely competitive.

Here at Reflection AI, we have the expertise to help you tackle these challenges. We want to stand out, not because we say we are the best, but because we foster a culture where clients and candidates respect, and want to work with us; because we genuinely want to help them turn their AI vision into a reality.

We have been developing innovative, global search strategies, in-depth market analysis and feedback and sharing insights from across our AI networks to develop new approaches to talent development. We work to bring pioneering AI companies together with the best talent that they are unable to source elsewhere, and strive to enrich the wider AI ecosystem through supporting partnerships, training and knowledge sharing.

Meet the team

Jordan O'Neill

James Roadnight


I have an extremely varied role! Everything from working with our suppliers to ensure we have the relevant technologies for business success, to working with foreign governments to help them attract companies to their countries and further develop their AI ecosystems. My real passion is people: creating an environment that truly allows them to develop, create and be the ‘best version of themselves’. This is my main focus and will continue to be so for some time to come.

Why AI? Having worked within tech for 20 years, I have always been excited by how it continually impacts our everyday life. The great thing about AI is that it will impact so many areas from shopping to healthcare to productivity and, like with anything at the point of new discovery, it presents a great opportunity to be part of the journey at its early stages and make a real difference.

Reading: The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. Most books talk about how great it is to set up a business and how to run it perfectly. Horowitz humorously and refreshingly tackles what to do when things go wrong or you inevitably make mistakes – it’s an essential read for anyone in a leadership position within a fast-growing business.

Important Fact: I’m karate mad and am planning a trip to Okinawa, Japan to study with the founders of the Goju Ryu style.

Freya Scammells

Director of AI Partnerships

I work with companies across artificial intelligence, data science and data engineering, to attract candidates with highly in-demand, technical skillsets. I also work in collaboration with AI leaders to share market insights and knowledge. The continued growth of AI is largely dependent on the development of those with the skills to convert AI ideas into real-world applications. I want to play my part in industrialising AI talent so the movement thrives.

Why AI? My passion for this space ignited a few years ago when I came across a company utilising computer vision to scan and analyse wounds and rapidly determine treatment at point of care. When I considered how many people could benefit from this technology and the potential benefits of AI for healthcare, I was blown away. Where would we be 5 or 10 years from now? It’s exciting to be a part of it.

Reading: Who moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson. The book is all about the perception of ‘change’: the human fear of it and the impact this fear has had. I think this is particularly pertinent to AI, where there is a very real fear of what the evolution of AI means for our position and value as human beings.

Important Fact: I can do the moonwalk forwards, backwards and in a circle


Alondra Casillas

AI Talent Support

I support Reflection AI in managing day-to-day operations and also manage our social media presence. I regularly research the latest news, trends and market knowledge within the AI, machine learning and data science spaces to ensure we are consistently relevant, engaging our key audiences effectively and building networks across the global AI community.

Why AI? The transformative power of AI fascinates me. It’s ability to disrupt our everyday life and inform processes that make our life easier, in a relatively short amount of time, is exciting – seeing how life used to be, how it is now and what it could be as AI develops. However, it needs to be developed responsibly in order for it to reach its full potential for the benefit of all. I am particularly interested in ‘AI for good’ and ‘Ethical AI’ developments and initiatives.

Reading: The 5 languages of love by Gary Chapman. I enjoy a range of books, but I am currently exploring how love might manifest differently for different people and cultures, and how we might understand each other’s different languages within this context.

Important fact: I grew up on a ranch, in a small town called Tepatitlan in Mexico. We had lots of animals: lambs, racoons, dogs and chickens, but my favourite was the baby cow who used to roam our land and come into the house with me.

Contact: alondra@reflectionai.ca


Head of Security

I’m a 21 year (or 3 human years)-old Cockapoo and joined Reflection over 2 years ago as their Head of Security. My role is a varied one: From sniff searching all visitors, to growling at the stranger they call the Amazon delivery man and providing stress eliminating sessions for all the team. I also spend a significant amount of time keeping the floor clean by lying down in various spots throughout the office.

Why AI? I can see its value, but I’m not all too keen on these ‘robot dogs’ – they are poor substitutes for the real thing. However, they will only be as good as the data and doggy behind them so we need to approach these technologies with an open mind.

Reading: I’m a dog

Important fact: I’m big into bones, tennis balls and chasing squirrels.